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Inov8 Design, industrial design, Daniel Jones Inov8 Design, industrial design, Daniel Jones Inov8 Design, industrial design, Daniel Jones

The Inov8 Process:

Based on your decisions, we integrate, develop, and engineer all form, structural, and mechanical components. Per the needs of your program, we generate 2D and 3D documentation of all decisions and developments.
We conceptualize a comprehensive, spectrum of creative and pragmatic design solutions.  Concepts are presented as CAD generated, perspective, color renderings.  As needed, 3D models (mock ups) are provided for ‘real world’ assessment and approval.    All design aspects and ramifications are discussed in detail, enabling fully informed decisions.
We assimilate the functional, environmental, ergonomic, marketing, manufacturing, and service aspects of your design challenge. We gather input and insight from all team members vested in the development process, including the key concerns and priorities of sales, marketing, engineering, manufacturing, and service stakeholders.      

What We Do:

Industrial Design



CONCEPTUAL DEVELOPMENT For more than three decades we have generated thoughtful and pragmatic product innovations,     ∙   building brand clarity,     ∙   improving ergonomics,     ∙   assuring market differentiation. Our work is best described as the process of merging:     ∙   a clean, contemporary aesthetic,     ∙   brand identification,     ∙   user needs and expectations,     ∙   the realities of manufacturing              and function.   
COST-EFFECTIVE ASSEMBLY Inov8’s development process includes thoughtful pre-production assessment.  We take full advantage of rapid prototyping techniques.  Prototypes are scrutinized for form, fit, ergonomics, mechanical functionality, and the finished look and feel of design details.  Inov8 understands part modularity, lean manufacturing, regulatory compliance, and the realities of field service. 


Inov8 uses SolidWorks solid modeling CAD software to define every aspect of design decisions.  Engineering layouts provide documentation of all mechanical forms and features, including structural integrity and mechanical functionality.   Inov8’s engineering process includes part configuration, material selection, fabrication process, mechanical and structural integrity, component reliability, tolerancing, and manufacturability.