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Avalon Beverage Company        Glen Allen, VA Energy Drink Packaging  Avalon Beverage Company bottles and markets a line of energy-enhanced drinks through its Aqua-Life Inc. subsidiary.  Aqua-Life Active is natural spring water enhanced with B-complex vitamins and potassium. The beverage comes in six flavors. Avalon specifically sought packaging reflecting Avalon’s “purity of source and Canadian heritage”.  Inov8 partnered with Gunn Design to address Avalon’s request for "a new packaging design that will keep pace with the sophisticated bottled water consumer.” Inov8’s proprietary extrusion/blown PET bottle incorporates a series of repeating waves, providing the illusion of motion, connoting the flow of water.  Gunn Design’s graphics provide striking colors and clean, contemporary graphics. Inov8 developed 335-mL, 500-mL, 1-liter and 1.5-liter sizes.