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Colgate Palmolive, Inc.    Boston, MA Professional Whitening System Colgate Palmolive's Platinum Overnight Professional Whitening System is designed for distribution to the user by their dentist.  The System is designed to create value through dentist/patient interaction.     Inov8 partnered with Gunn Design to develop the Professional Whitening System’s up-scale packaging, specifically for the professional dentist’s market.  Inov8’s packaging structure utilizes a custom styrene tray, bonded to a high- impact, coated card-stock wrap.  Five applicators snap into the styrene structure, assuring correct progression of use.  Inov8 designed a polypropylene storage case for clean storage of the patient’s custom mouth tray.  The attractive, user- friendly System, complete with applicators, storage case, and ‘maintenance’ toothpaste, all snapped into place, provide the dentist with a high quality, self-contained, professional product.