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Coriolis Networks       Boxborough, MA Third-Generation    Network Platform The huge demand for fiber-optic network switching systems, beginning in earnest in 1998, generated an accompanying huge demand for NEBS compliant enclosures and distinct vendor differentiation.  Coriolis engaged Inov8 to develop a NEBS compliant, wholly scalable enclosure strategy that would provide a clear, powerful visual statement of Coriolis’ long-term reliability, sophistication, and cost-effectiveness. Typically, the primary user interface area of an optical network switching system is made up of the thin, edge-mounted PCB connector panels.  Nomenclature and graphic continuity on these panels presents a design challenge, as visual indicators of function, status, compatibility, and revision must be legible, despite the long, thin configuration. Inov8’s clean, uncluttered design provides structure, air flow, NEBS compliance, and successfully establishes a distinct and recognizable Coriolis brand.