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Arrow Critical Care Products      Reading, PA Hemodynamic Monitoring    System The HemoSonic 100™ measures and monitors descending aortic blood flow by means of a trans-esophageal probe during anesthesia and intensive care.  Continuous, real time measurement allows immediate assessment of changes in cardiac output, allowing greater reaction time. Arrow’s design requirements defined a portable, versatile enclosure with a sealed user-interface panel and effective liquid ingress protection.  The enclosure is intended for continual use in a hospital OR setting, requiring medical grade connectors, materials, and clean-ability.      Inov8’s portable, compact enclosure maximizes display size and welcomes the user with intuitive ‘soft’ keys formed into the sealed elastomeric bezel.  The clever top hand grip enables significant convection cooling without exposed vents. Mounted on a MODO stand, the attractive little monitor presents a distinctive Arrow brand appearance, minimal footprint, and intuitive ease of use.