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Instron, an ITW Company    Norwood, MA Mechanical Testing Systems     Unique Brand Appearance Instron manufactures test equipment which evaluates the mechanical properties of materials and components.  Instron recently undertook a product-family ‘brand appearance unification’ program, to assure that all visual elements of all Instron Electro Mechanical test frames are immediately and distinctively recognizable. Instron fully embraced the market value of a ‘family wide’ brand appearance and user experience.  Simultaneously, Instron determined that their proprietary ‘Bluehill’ software experience would be the same, regardless of what model Test Frame was employed. Inov8’s thoughtful ergonomics and unique visual impact complement Instron’s cutting- edge technologies, creating a unique, marketable Instron user experience.   The brand appearance program included Instron’s Single Column, Dual Column, Floor Model, Heavy Weight Floor Model Test  Frame, User Interface Panel, Material Grips, Load Cells, and other instruments which compliment Instron’s materials testing line  of products. The 5900 Series Universal Testing Instruments deliver unparalleled accuracy, improved ergonomics, and an enhanced,  well-managed experience for the operator. Photos courtesy of Instron®