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Mettler-Toledo, Inc.    Bedford, MA Sodium Analyzer       Automated Sodium Measurement Because of dissolved sodium’s corrosive nature, accurate measurement is essential to safe operation of turbines, boilers, filtration systems, etc.  These environments demand rugged equipment designed for decades of reliable use. Mettler Toledo’s 2300Na Sodium Analyzer provides assurance of water purity to maximize water production and minimize corrosion. Mettler Toledo partnered with Inov8 for development of a versatile, rugged instrument applicable to a variety of environments.  Mettler Toledo requested a modular design, suitable for harsh production sites as well as clean control room environments.  Inov8’s modular design provides for two door options, depending on the environment of use.  Mettler-Toledo’s in-line sodium analyzer confidently withstands years of demanding service required by these industries.