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Laars Heating Systems    Rochester, NH Volume Water Heater Laars engineered a family of high efficiency, sealed-combustion, condensing hydronic boilers, designed for both commercial and residential applications. The family of NeoTherm high efficiency boilers spans five capacity ranges.  Laars came to Inov8 seeking one rugged, modular, scalable enclosure design suitable for all five model sizes. In addition to variable capacity ranges, Laars also required inherent controller flexibility, necessitating a modular user-interface panel designed to accommodate controller modules from a spectrum of manufacturers.    Working on-site with Laars’ manufacturing engineers, Inov8 developed an attractive, inexpensive, and tough modular chassis and skin, specifically suited for fabrication and assembly at Laars’ Rochester facility. The scalable, modular components seamlessly accommodate all capacity ranges as well as third party electronic controllers, enabling fabrication and assembly ‘to order’.   The rugged, attractive, and visually distinct enclosure’s small footprint is wholly suitable for residential and commercial applications.