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Laars Heating Systems    Rochester, NH    A subsidiary of Bradford White    Corporation  Commercial Boiler/Water    Heater Laars develops high efficiency, on-demand water heaters for rugged commercial, as well as residential applications.  Laars partnered with Inov8 for development of a versatile, cost-effective enclosure, sufficiently robust for decades of reliable service, regardless of environmental conditions. Product specifications required a system enclosure suitable for both indoor and long-term outdoor installation.  Full, easy access to internal components, for installation and service is also required.       To assure suitability to the replacement market, the system must accommodate both left and right hand piping configurations.  Additionally, the fully assembled system must fit through a 36” doorway.     Inov8’s rugged design provides long-term structural integrity, versatility, and a clear, unmistakable Laars brand appearance.